I Said "YES!" now what?

We want to partner with you and encourage you in your new journey!

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next steps

How do you continue to grow in your relationship with Jesus and build relationships in New Hope?
Here are six steps that will guide you in your growth.

1. Accept Jesus

Say yes to a relationship with Jesus

2. Attend Church Weekly

Continue to connect with people and listen to the messages consistently.
If you are considering becoming a member of our church, or are interested in serving in one of our ministries, we encourage you to go through what we call "Discover New Hope."
Discover New Hope was a 4-part series that we have captured and made available for you,  where you can learn about the heart and vision of New Hope Church.
Take notes, enjoy, and learn more about the heart and vision of New Hope Church.

4. Water Baptism

Make a public declaration of your private decision to say yes to Jesus.
Learning together in a small setting. Discipleship for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

6. Join a Ministry

Get involved in the church.
Core Value #1: Daily devotions and prayer are paramount to strengthening a relationship with Jesus.